Hazar Furniture was an established company owned by German Ghanbari, known for bringing the world’s famous design furniture to Turkish consumers. As we were assigned to redesign their logo and brand identity, we came up with a distruptive situation analysis and two radical recommendations:

First of all, as a design brand, we proposed to change the brand name to Ghanbari, the family’s surname. Apart from it being a distinctive name with a nice sound, it was mainly recommended due to the fact that choosing is a personal action and Mr.Ghanbari, as well known name in the sector, is doing a critical act of choosing when forming the portfolio that’s sold in their showrooms.

Secondly, so far in the interior design world, only the designers and the architects received the credit in creating a beautiful space. However we argued that we need to grant credit to the consumer as well, as they are the ultimate chooser/decision makers. So we introduced “the choosers” brand platform.


Choosing is a talent.


Brand Identity



Grand Opening of Ghanbari Showroom, Maçka


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Suadiye İstanbul Tr
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